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Major energy producers

There are major energy companies in Dunkirk who have production sites allowing reliable access to utilities and different energy sources.

Thanks to a supply and production of diversified energies, including a growing share of renewable energies, the territory is able to meet the energy demand of local industrialists and new establishments.

The main production sites are:

  • the Gravelines nuclear power plant,
  • the LNG terminal,
  • the DK6 combined cycle power plant which recovers blast furnace gases…

Discover opposite the testimony of Ms. Champion, Commercial Director at RTE in Lille, who tells us about the network operator’s investments to secure electricity supplies.

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Discover the most important energy production sites in the territory

A European-scale energy platform, the Dunkirk area has been able to diversify its production sources: LNG, biogas, nuclear, solar or soon wind-generated electricity, the quantity and diversity of the energies produced locally make Dunkirk a major energy centre. By modifying the filters using the sliders located at the top of the application, do not hesitate to specify your request by type of network or energy sought. You will thus know which networks will serve your future location.
Major energy producers

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