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Nuclear power, a reliable and decarbonised energy

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The energy with the lowest carbon footprint

Nuclear energy can help your company to secure its energy supply, obtain energy at an affordable price and reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, it is stable and continuous.

Nuclear power thus provides numerous advantages: stability, reliability, low carbon footprint and affordable cost.

Nuclear energy production also contributes to France’s energy independence.

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Gravelines Nuclear Power Station  

  • 1st: Gravelines Nuclear Power Station is Western Europe’s most powerful nuclear power plant.
  • 5,400 MW: the total power of the plant
  • Six 900 MW reactors
  • 28.2 TWh of low carbon electricity produced in 2022
  • The equivalent of 61% of the electricity requirements of Hauts-de-France region and 10% of the country.

The nuclear plant is also the life force of the territory. It employs more than 2,000 people and almost 1,000 service providers on site.  Due to the many contract offers (Grand Carénage plant refit programme,  maintenance, 10-year inspections, etc), it is participating in the development of a full economic sector. In 2021, more than €120 m was invested in the site’s operation and maintenance.  

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Is Dunkirk the right solution for your company?

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France offers electricity with one of the lowest carbon footprints in Europe*

According to the European Environment Agency (2020 assessment, Greenhouse gas emission intensity of electricity generation by country, Oct 2021), France’s energy mix is one of the most climate-friendly in the European Union (27).

> 86.8% of electricity produced by EDF comes from nuclear power
> 97% of electricity produced in France by EDF is carbon neutral
> Renewable energies are increasing significantly (wind, solar and hydro)
> +70% EDF predicts an increase of 70% in the production of renewable energies between 2021 and 2030.


Nuclear power, a reliable and decarbonised energy

Two EPRs planned for Gravelines

The European Pressurised Reactors are part of the so-called “third generation” nuclear power.

EPRs are safer and more powerful than the current nuclear plants:
> 1,670 MW per reactor (versus 900 MW in Gravelines at present).

The EPRs are planned to be commissioned in 2038-2039 if the project is given the green light: 7,500 people will be recruited during the site construction phase.
> The cost of the 2 EPRs is estimated to be around 17 billion euros.



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Dunkirk also offers an interesting energy mix with an increasing renewable energy offer: solar, wind and methanation.


Renewable Energies in Dunkirk
Nuclear power, a reliable and decarbonised energy

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