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With a high quality property market for both individuals and companies and plenty of construction projects buoyed by a positive industrial dynamic, the Dunkirk territory has tonnes of great property opportunities to be seized!  

See below for the key points to consider for a general overview of the property sector in Dunkirk.

Company property 

Company directors and businesspeople, are you looking for a place to grow your business? Why is Dunkirk the right territory for you?  

In the commercial property sector, there is a range of opportunities for companies to set up in Dunkirk and its region.

  • 17,000 m2 of tertiary space, property nearly 20% cheaper (source: EY/NFI study) than in the nearby European cities (Lille, Antwerp, Rotterdam, etc), many business parks, two “Choose France” turnkey industrial sites
  • Land, offices, business or logistics properties, brand new or ready to use, for sale or for lease, our experts will help guide you through your project. Contact us today!
  • Dunkirk is about to become France’s first H2 and CO2 Hub for decarbonisation of the industry: there are tonnes of opportunities up for grabs!
  • Explore our interactive map to discover property opportunities in Dunkirk. It’s updated every day.
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Property for individuals  

Thinking of moving soon? Tempted by an adventure in Dunkirk? Whether you’re on your own or looking for a home sweet home for your family, property here is affordable and gives you space and often a gorgeous garden where you can enjoy in the good weather.

There are some 44,900 units in the total housing stock* (source:

Key figures:  

  • 57% apartments, 42% houses  
  • The average price of an apartment is €2,025/m2  
  • The average price of a house is €1,891/m2
  • 46% of households own their homes and 53% rent
  • 48% of homes have 3 or 4 rooms

m2 of office space under construction or at the planning stage

19 %

industrial property is 19% less expensive than in neighbouring European cities


logistics property is 18% less expensive than in neighbouring European cities

No. 1

HUB for French Hydrogen and CO2 


Do you know that our interactive map can help you to search for transport infrastructures, services, training centres and even cultural facilities according to your needs? And yes, Dunkirk has everything set to make your move a whole lot easier! Take a quick glance to see the professional property available in the Dunkirk area. Do you have exact specifications? We can advise and help you with your search. For free!