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Dunkerque attracting Belgian entrepreneurs

Dunkerque attracting Belgian entrepreneurs

In 2015 Dunkerque Promotion continued with its prospecting and promotional actions aimed at Belgian entrepreneurs, the major investors in Dunkirk’s labour market. To show economic decision-makers in Belgium the many advantages of Dunkirk and convince them to come and develop in the area, the economic development agency first recruited a new Dutch-speaking project manager to seek new clients on the Belgian markets. This was followed by spot advertising on six economic radio stations in French and Flemish as well as by inserts in the Ondernemer (Entrepreneur) magazines of Flemish chambers of commerce. Belgian entrepreneurs were also invited to Dunkirk to meet local company directors. Finally, Dunkerque Promotion was also present at the Bedrijven Contactdagen “business contact days” in Courtrai. This promotional campaign has been highly successful, arousing interest among several economic and media circles in Belgium, and has been followed by a number of calls and emails. Other initiatives are already planned for 2016.


Dunkerque attracting Belgian entrepreneurs

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