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Terraotherm innovates in premises disinfection.

Terraotherm innovates in premises disinfection.

Created in 2012 and specialising in heat exchanger design and manufacture, the Grande-Synthe-based company submitted an offer to a call to tenders launched on 18 March by the Defence Innovation Agency (AID) aiming to find swift solutions to the Covid-19 health crisis in the fields of organisation, business, and medicine. Its premises and surface disinfection project adapted from its technology was selected among 40 others from more than 2,000 proposals received.

To make this project a reality, director Jaouad Zemmouri turned to the Greater Dunkirk Urban Council, which supported the company from the very beginning. The Council has urgently agreed to release a package of 60,000 euros, complementing the AID funding. After testing in the laboratory, the prototypes are currently undergoing tests by the Institut Pasteur de Lille in contaminated premises. These tests are already proving successful. For this company, which employs around thirty staff, the next step involves starting to manufacture the first series of devices for the Ministry of Defence. After that, they will consider much broader sales and marketing in France and abroad.



Terraotherm innovates in premises disinfection.

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