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REUZE: a low-carbon fuel project



Thanks to INFINIUM’s exclusive technology, the REUZE Dunkirk project can capture almost 300,000 tonnes of CO2 on the ArcelorMittal site. Combined with the green hydrogen produced by a 400 MW electrolyser installed by ENGIE, the company will be able to produce fuel for sectors that are difficult to decarbonise, such as air and sea transport.

Selected by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) in December 2021, the Reuze Dunkirk project will receive significant financial aid to help with its development. The investment amounts to more than 500 million euros. It will receive support from the Hauts-de-France region, the Greater Dunkirk Urban Council and the Grand Port Maritime of Dunkirk.

This project is a response to the European targets concerning the use of synthetic fuels for air and sea transport. The final decision on the investment will come at the end of 2023 and the commercial launch is planned for 2026.


“We’re proud to develop this large-scale project which combines innovative solutions to accelerate the transition towards carbon neutrality. Hydrogen and e-fuels will play an important role in the reduction of CO2 emissions in industrial sectors that are difficult to decarbonise and in the sustainability of large transport companies”, declared Sébastien Arbola, deputy director general of ENGIE. “With its commercial launch planned for 2026, the Reuze project will prop up ENGIE’s ambitious strategy to deploy 4 GW of green hydrogen production capacity between now and 2030.”

“It’s a turning point for Infinium and e-fuels in Europe”, added Robert Schuetzle, CEO of Infinium.  “This future industrial unit in France is proof of the huge commitment that global industry leaders like ENGIE are making to reduce the carbon footprint of air, sea and HGV transport. The use of the CO2 from ArcelorMittal’s steel manufacturing operations, this unique partnership, is also an excellent example of what can be done when the leaders in industry, energy and technology, supported by the public authorities, join forces around a common mission.”

“We are very proud that this consortium has chosen Dunkirk as the place to develop its CO2 circular economy hub. The production of e-fuel for air and sea transport reconnects Dunkirk to its history in oil refinery, but now with a net-zero industrial cluster, guaranteeing long-term industrial developments. This industrial cluster also contributes to Dunkirk’s appeal for other industrialists who are seeking to develop their business and leverage synergies. “This project is going to create jobs and new opportunities for the region and the country”, indicated Patrice Vergriete, Chairperson of the Greater Dunkirk Urban Council.

“We are looking forward to rolling out a new industrial unit for the conversion of CO2 into synthetic fuel. This falls fully in line with the industrial-port system and territory’s decarbonisation strategy, which we have been working on together for several years”, stated Maurice Georges, Chairperson of the Grand Port Maritime of Dunkirk’s Executive Committee.

The press release is available HERE.



The choice of the name “Reuze” is not by chance. It was chosen because of its pronunciation, it means “reuse” in the language of Shakespeare, reiterating the characteristics of the project. It is also a nod to the territory itself as “Reuze” is the giant who protects the city, and is dear to the hearts of Dunkirk’s carnival-goers.

For some years, the territory of Dunkirk has been taking a committed approach to tackling the climate challenges of the future. The industrial-port platform’s approach to decarbonisation poses a real challenge and is a solutions laboratory with many opportunities. But it’s also a source of inspiration for other highly industrialised regions seeking decarbonisation solutions in order to meet their climate targets.


The territory has published a document that presents its efforts towards decarbonisation.

The decarbonisation of French industry involves DUNKIRK. Explore our free brochure by clicking on the link below:


REUZE: a low-carbon fuel project

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