Where can I find a healtcare facility in Dunkirk?
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Where can I find a healtcare facility in Dunkirk?

Where can I find a healtcare facility in Dunkirk?
  • You will find many healthcare facilities in the Greater Dunkirk Urban Council and Hauts de Flandre Greater District Council urban areas. These facilities include hospitals, clinics, community health centres and numerous specialists: nurses, general practitioners, dentists and and eye doctors
  • See the list of healthcare facilities in the Greater Dunkirk Urban Council (CUD) and the Hauts de Flandre Greater District Council (CCHF). 






Centre Hospitalier Dunkerque : 130 avenue Louis-Herbeaux. Tel : 03 28 28 59 00.

  • Services: Addictology, anaesthesia, cardiology, planning centre, cystic fibrosis resource and knowledge centre, outpatients surgery, dermatology, therapeutic patient education, endocrinology, gynaecology, haematology, hepato-gastroenterology, pregnancy terminations and family planning, internal medicine and infectious diseases, nephrology/dialysis, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, respiratory medicine, rheumatology, emergencies, urology, vascular, visceral and digestive systems.

Website: https://www.ch-dunkerque.fr/

Take an appointment online : doctolib.fr 


  • Hôpital Maritime de Zuydcoote – Boulevard Vancauwenberghe. Tel : 03 28 26 20 20
  • Follow-up care and rehabilitation services: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, balneotherapy, physical and sports education, equipment, dietetics, pressotherapy, speech therapy, orthoptics, palliative care, paediatrics.  
  • Website: https://www.ch-zuydcoote.fr/



  • Clinique Villette – 18 rue Parmentier. Tel : 03 64 54 70 54.

Services: anaesthesia and intensive care, cardiology, surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, paediatrics, respiratory medicine, radiology, urology.

Website: https://www.elsan.care/fr/clinique-villette/accueil

Take an appointment online: elsan.caredoctolib.fr


  • Clinique de Flandre –

Services: Pathological anatomy and cytology, anaesthesia and intensive care, surgery, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, oncology, radiotherapy, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, radiology.  


  • Polyclinique de Grande-Synthe – avenue de la Polyclinique. Tel : 03 28 58 60 00.

Services: Gastroenterology, cardiology, angiology, respiratory medicine/sleep, memory, endocrinology, surgery.  

Take an appointment online: doctolib.fr 



Community Health Centre


  • Maison de Santé du Kruysbellaert – 77 Rte de Steendam. Tel : 03 66 76 67 50.

A multi-professional team: general practitioners, psychologist, massage therapists and physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, speech therapists, podiatrists, psycho-motor therapists, dieticians, advanced practice nurse.    

Website: https://cml-dunkerque.com/ 

Health centres

The health centres bring together several health professionals: general practitioners, dental surgeons, physiotherapists and nurses.  


  • Centre médical de santé – 16 rue Georges Clemenceau. Tel : 03 28 21 70 45.

Take an appointment online: doctolib.fr

Services: Emergency treatment of hand trauma, surgery, dermatology, general medicine, speech therapy, physiotherapy, hearing advice, orthotics, orthoptist, podiatrists, sophrology, nurses.


  • Centre de soins infirmiers – 16 rue Georges Clemenceau. Tel : 03 28 21 70 45.

On call medical centre

On call medical centres bring together doctors and health professionals who provide care for patients outside working hours. 


  • Dunkirk on call health centre –  130 Avenue Louis Herbeaux. Tel : 03 28 28 08 08.

S.O.S Médecins (medical emergency service)


S.O.S Médecins (medical emergency service) – 235 rue de la République. Tel : 08 26 46 20 07. 

Website: https://www.sos-medecins-dunkerque.fr/consultations

Take an appointment online: médi-clic


General practitioners: Docteur David Sleziak, Docteur Nicolas Duterte, Docteur Gérald Fever, Docteur Aurélie Puchois, Docteur Baptiste Marrant, Docteur Nicolas Rivière, Docteur Thierry Mraovic.


Cubemed is an online practice that provides a medical teleconsultation service with the assistance of a health professional.


  • Cubemed Dunkerque – 10 Place du Palais de Justice. Tel : 05 47 74 22 92.

Website: https://www.cubemed.fr/

Take an appointment online: https://www.doctolib.fr/cabinet-medical/dunkerque/cubemed-dunkerque

Ophthalmology practice


Cabinet d’ophtalmologie des Flandres (COF) – 300 rue des Forts. Tel : 03 20 55 05 05.

Website: https://www.cof.fr/coudekerque-dunkerque


Community health centres


  • Multi-professional community health centre – 2 rue Maréchal Foch. Tel : 03 28 68 32 55.


  • Medical centre  – 10 bis rue St-Antoine. Tel : 03 21 39 27 39.

Multi-professional team: General practitioners, massage therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, osteopaths, clinical psychologists, podiatrists, sophrology consultant and dieticians




Where can I find a healtcare facility in Dunkirk?

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