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Become a member of Dunkerque Promotion

The number of member companies and partners of our agency has grown steadily since its founding in 1991.

Becoming a member of Dunkerque Promotion means joining an organisation dedicated to businesspeople, which works closely with local institutions and decision-makers. However, it also means being able to benefit from specific discussion sessions, extending your network and receiving exclusive information and invitations.  

>> Explore some of the benefits listed below or download the form summarising the services available to you.

Almost 50 private companies have joined us. So what about you?

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Fiche présentant les avantages d'être membre

Why join our association of more than 60 decision-makers?

Extend your network!

> By joining a club of more than 60 decision-makers who matter in the Dunkirk territory.
> By becoming a member of an agency that is itself part of a network of 102 economic development agencies in France.

Visit companies!

By making the integration of company visits into the Ambassadors network a priority.

Receive bespoke support

By making the most of in-depth discussions with our business managers on request.

Increase visibility

> By sharing your news across our range of media (newsletter, website, social networks, etc.) on request.
> By appearing on our agency’s brochures and presentations.

And what else?

If you want to explore all the reasons to join us, then download our brochure or why not meet us?

Our team is ready to listen to your needs, so why not contact us today?

Emilie Rigaud

Emilie Rigaud

Business Developer
+33 (0)6 99 75 54 95
Fabienne Manceau

Fabienne Manceau

Communication Manager / promotion
+33 (0)6 64 46 61 22


Business Developer
+33 (0)6 64 46 60 17


Business Developer, Agency Quality Manager
+33 (0)6 62 32 49 11
Laurence Synaeghel

Laurence Synaeghel

Administration Manager
+33 (0)3 28 22 12 26