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11/ Patrick Olivier, interview and conclusion

Discover Patrick OLIVIER‘s testimonial, director of the Centre for the Ecological, Agricultural and Industrial Transition at the General Secretariat for Investment in charge of France 2030

Photo Patrick OlivierThe decarbonisation challenge, especially becoming carbon neutral, is major. The efforts and investments undertaken for the radical transformation of production methods are starting to bear fruits. Thanks to its complete decarbonisation chain, the dunkirk basin aims to reduce its industrial emissions by 55% by 2030. As a result, Dunkirk is really laying the groundwork to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Over recent years, the territory has emerged as one of the pioneers of the European industry of the future. By building a dynamic ecosystem around the transition and providing operational solutions for decarbonisation, Dunkirk is attracting new types of industries (fine chemistry, green hydrogen, electric batteries, etc.) but also future talent, those devoted to living in a territory at the epicentre of climate and ecological transition challenges.
Thus, Dunkirk and its “Creative Energy” are role models to follow and are encouraging other industrial territories to test and share their innovations. Working together makes us undeniably stronger. Whether it is training courses, infrastructures, public policies, Dunkirk is now, more than ever, a real laboratory for all the transitions.

Dunkirk, creative energy!


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11/ Patrick Olivier, interview and conclusion
11/ Patrick Olivier, interview and conclusion

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