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Anne Debenath carnaval dunkerque

“I came to Dunkirk in the autumn of 2017 for a unique career opportunity: to set up the Ecocem factory –a real human and technical journey– which I’ve been managing for over 3 years. I’m originally from Strasbourg and I had never been to this region. I find Dunkirk to be a dynamic and ever-changing city. New infrastructures are regularly built, the city centre is being modernised and the jetty on the seafront makes it even more beautiful. The free bus is a real plus as it has helped the urban area to stand out. The population is rather young and keen on socialising and festivities, such as our flamboyant carnival. The territory benefits from its exceptional and strategic geographic location. It’s a cross-border area where you really do feel at the heart of Europe. I really appreciate the marvellous setting on the Côte d’Opale where I like walking, and let’s not forget the unbelievably charming Flandres dunes. “

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Anne Debenath

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