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Directeur Gaz Renouvelables Of GRTgaz

Anthony Mazzenga, Director of Renewable Gas, GRTgaz :

“As the leading European gas transporter, GRTgaz supports territories in their decarbonisation strategies by promoting the development and uses of renewable gas. Deeming hydrogen and CO2 to be the Alpha and the Omega behind industry decarbonisation, particularly on the outskirts of the Port and Industrial Areas, GRTgaz is firmly committed to the different modes of developing hydrogen and the circular carbon economy. GRTgaz is convinced that the future of hydrogen largely depends on the availability of an infrastructure that can transport and store large quantities of hydrogen, connecting production to consumption, on both local and European scales. GRTgaz is already preparing its assets and how they will function using hydrogen, for example, by undertaking R&D work dedicated to adapting gas infrastructures. GRTgaz has, of course, identified Dunkirk and its Port and Infrastructure Area as a territory of interest by conducting an in-depth study on the roll-out of infrastructures (HUB) for the transport and storage of hydrogen and CO2 that are openly accessible, with a view to connecting needs with offers.

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GRTGaz – Anthony Mazzenga

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