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Président Directeur Général Of VERKOR
Benoît Lemaignan en extérieur

“A technological, ecological and societal shift project”

“Shared by its 6 founders and initial investors, Verkor devised a vision in July 2020: to accelerate the industrialisation of low carbon batteries in Europe. All Verkor’s employees and our partners are proud to participate in this technological and ecological shift in the automotive industry. For Europe, and France in particular, it’s all about becoming experts in the value production chain and electrical battery recycling. This project represents a 1.5 billion euro financial commitment and our Gigafactory will generate 1,200 direct jobs from 2027, 2,000 indirect jobs and 12,000 induced jobs as well as hundreds of jobs on the work site that will be opened in 2023. “Verkor has chosen to set-up in Dunkirk as the proposed site meets all the requirements of a Gigafactory in terms of land, logistics, energy capacity, client proximity and expansion, plus it makes creating a new ecosystem easy.”

See the interview with Benoît Lemaignan in 2020 on BFM where he announced his desire to open a Gigafactory in France for Verkor.


Verkor – Benoît LEMAIGNAN

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