Félix and Marc MAHIEU
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Félix & Marc MAHIEU

Chef d’équipe & DG Of Premadun & Mahieu Construct

Félix, Team Leader of Premadun & Marc, CEO of PREMADUN and MAHIEU CONSTRUCT :

“We moved to Dunkirk to start our production of our precast concrete items. We chose Dunkirk in full knowledge of the facts: our headquarters is located in Comines, which is very close. The region is easily accessible and has sufficient land and manpower. ”

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PREMADUN manufactures precast concrete items on its site in Loon-Plage, near the port of Dunkirk. PREMADUN belongs to the Belgian company MAHIEU CONSTRUCT, which specialises in the design and construction of steel and/or concrete industrial and agricultural buildings.

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Félix and Marc MAHIEU

Why Dunkirk is the ideal territory to develop your business?

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