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Frédéric MOTTE

Président Mission Rev 3 Of Conseil régional des Hauts-de-France

Frédéric MOTTE, Chairman of REV3 Comission, Hauts-de-France Regional Council : 

“As an industrial region at the heart of European exchanges on energy, goods and passengers transport, the Hauts-de- France region is an excellent territory for bringing decarbonised hydrogen to the mass-market. The industry has to respond to two significant challenges that lie at the heart of the Rev3 dynamic: making major investments to reduce its carbon emissions and remaining competitive on a global basis. For our territory, the challenge is therefore to have enough decarbonised hydrogen to meet the future needs of our economic stakeholders at an affordable cost. Through the Rev3 dynamic, the Hauts-de-France Regional Council provides full support for the development of the hydrogen sector within the energy mix, a sector that creates wealth and jobs. The sector’s stakeholders will find in Hautsde-France a territory fully committed to the third industrial revolution, in favour of the energy transition and for the region’s economic development.”


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REV3 – Frédéric MOTTE

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