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Henryk Klaba

Henryk Klaba, PDG – OVH :

« In January 2013 we bought the old Rexam site in Gravelines with a view to creating one of the world’s largest datacentres there housing over 400 000 servers. Over the last six months we have been revamping the site so that it is ready for our technologies. So far we have invested 15 million Euros from a total budget of 160 million Euros. Most of this has been dedicated to connections to our global network via to fibre-optic cables. More than 1 000 servers are already running and we intend to install a further 5 to 10 000 before the end of the year. This represents a major development of our worldwide network of datacenters. The close proximity of the Gravelines nuclear power station is a major asset because our activity cannot be exposed to power cuts. We have already taken-on 10 employees and are working in collaboration with the local authorities in order to set-up specific courses in regional universities which will provide I.T. engineers who correspond to our needs. We also plan to create an R&D centre with a staff of 50 in Gravelines».

OVH – Henryk Klaba

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