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Délégué régional Hauts-de-France Of ENGIE

Julien Pattin, Hauts-de-France Regional Delegate, Engie :

“Dunkirk is exceptional because of its industrial, port and energy dynamism.

This bright beacon is now illuminating the path for European port territories and beyond: inventing a low-carbon port economy that promotes economic development, a vector of employment and combatting global warming. And this challenge is on its way to being overcome thanks to ambitious projects led by ENGIE in particular. Since 2005, Engie has included Dunkirk in a sustainable development approach with the DK6 combined cycle power plant, which converts nearly 5 billion m3 of steelmaking gas into electricity. Dunkirk is also the place where ENGIE developed for the first time NGV for buses and injected H2 into the natural gas network in Cappelle-la-Grande through the GRHYD. Today, the ENGIE teams are working on giving the masses access to H2 in the networks, making natural gas greener and eventually recovering 400,000 T of CO2 as a resource for producing exportable synthetic fuels, preparing the way for a new economy with Dunkirk at its heart.

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ENGIE – Julien Pattin

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