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Philippe Fanucci

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Philippe FANUCCI, Project manager, SNF :


“SNF is a French group specialising in the production of polyacrylamides. Its headquarters is located on the outskirts of Saint-Etienne. With more than 1,200 different products manufactured across its 21 factories in Europe, the United States and Asia, SNF is the global leader in its sector. In fact, 50% of its global production comes from these factories. Our polyacrylamides are used in water treatment, but also in the oil industry, agriculture and even in the mining industry.”

The group wanted to build a new factory in France to further its development. Dunkirk very quickly emerged as the best solution. In fact, we are close to Rotterdam, where our main raw material comes from. In this respect, our ambition is to create a rail shuttle between Dunkirk and Rotterdam for the transportation of our products. Our process leads to high levels of energy consumption, yet Dunkirk is a very important terminal for electricity generation and gas supply. The industrial water to which we will be connected, is also a significant factor. Finally, in Dunkirk, we are located near a port. This was a determining factor as the large majority of our production is intended for export to markets in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. Thus, it would reduce our transport fees very significantly. I must also say that not only did SNF receive a particularly warm welcome from the Grand Port Maritime teams, but also from all of the regional economic and political players in general. Every effort has been made to facilitate administrative procedures and reduce delays. Such determination to take action was what clinched the deal for us

The SNF project involves building a factory on a 36 hectare-plot of land belonging to Dunkirk Port in Gravelines. The initial phase anticipates the investment of 160 million euros and recruitment of 180 people. The new site will be equipped with several monomer production lines intended to feed into the other group sites. The group has already reserved 25 additional hectares ahead of future development.

SNF Flocryl – Philippe FANUCCI

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