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Gérant Of Flandres Béton
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« We wanted to set up in Dunkerque because we already worked extensively with French companies. Furthermore we hoped to develop expand our clientele in the Calais and Saint-Omer areas. Being situated in France will make reaching our commercial targets easier and we will also have the certification, «N.F. ». We will also spend less time on paperwork. I would like to say how pleased I was with the welcome that we received from the Dunkerque port authorities and Dunkerque Promotion. Everything possible was done to enable us to finalise our project as quickly as possible. We had the pleasure of dealing with interlocutors who were very efficient. In a matter of months we were able to finalise our project, obtain all necessary authorisations and apply for a building permit. We have been very pleasantly surprised by Dunkerque and will not hesitate to spread the word to other Belgian investors».

Flandre Béton – M. De Brabandere

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