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Frédéric Gauchet

Frédéric Gauchet, CEO – Minakem :

Minakem is an expanding business, manufacturing intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry and we also manufacture products for the cosmetics and fine chemicals industry. We acquired the AstraZeneca chemical unit located in Dunkerque because this plant was astonishingly well fitted to our existing units. We intend on investing in the North of France. The state of the art site is superb and adapted to our development projects. It is located in an environment well fitted to our industrial activity within a developing urban industrial framework enabling us to operate our fine chemicals activity with no local neighbourhood problems, in a dynamic employment catchment area. We have made the right decision. We are already well in advance on our initial objectives.

Frédéric Gauchet

Pourquoi Dunkerque est le territoire idéal pour développer votre entreprise ?

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